RoughJS API: Config

When instantiating RoughCanvas, you can, optionally, pass in a configuration object. The object can have any of these properties:


An optional boolean property to create an async version of Canvas/Generator. This is required when running RoughJS in a worker.

Default value is false.

const rc = rough.canvas(canvas, { async: true });
(async () => {
  await rc.rectangle(10, 10, 100, 100);
  await rc.rectangle(10, 120, 100, 100, {fill: 'red'});


An options object that sets the default values for all shapes in the RoughCanvas instance.


If workly has been loaded in the window, RoughJS will delegate most of the processing to a worker thread. If noWorker is set to true, it will not do that. For more about using web workers, read here.


When using web workers as described here, RoughJS will try to load the workly library from the CDN (https:// If you want to provide a different source for workly, set the worklyURL property to that url.

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