Pip Install Reference

Usage Description Install packages from: PyPI (and other indexes) using requirement specifiers. VCS project urls. Local project directories. Local or remote source archives. pip also supports installing from “requirements files”, which provide an easy way to specify a whole environment to be installed. Overview Pip install has several stages: Identify the base requirements. The user …

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CSS Borders

We can use CSS border properties to set the border color, border style, and border width of HTML elements. There are three common CSS border properties: border-color: set the color of the border border-style: set the style of the border, such as solid, dashed, double, etc. border-width: set the width of the border border-style property We …

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HTML Attributes

The HTML attribute is additional information provided by the HTML element. HTML attribute features You can set the attributes in the HTML element. HTML attributes are generally described in the start tag. HTML attributes always appear as name / value pairs, such as: name = “value”. HTML attribute example The HTML link is defined by …

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HTML Editors

Create and edit HTML documents is very simple, basically any one of the text editing software can be used to write HTML documents. The most commonly used HTML editors are: Notepad++:https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Sublime Text:http://www.sublimetext.com/ HBuilder:http://www.dcloud.io/ You can download the corresponding software from the above software’s official website, according to the steps to install. Next we will …

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Take Away! The 12 Latest AI Open Source Projects

1. Dopamine # A reinforcement learning framework based on TensorFlow Dopamine, which is based on TensorFlow, is a research framework for implementing prototypes of reinforcement learning algorithms quickly. It is designed to provide researchers with an easy-to-use lab environment to meet the needs for small, easy-to-access codebases. With the framework, you will feel easy to …

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i love bug

I Love Bugs,Do You?

In early October I gave a keynote at Python Brasil in Belo Horizonte. Here is an aspirational and lightly edited transcript of the talk. There is also a video available here. I love bugs I’m currently a senior engineer at Pilot.com, working on automating bookkeeping for startups. Before that, I worked for Dropbox on the desktop client team, and I’ll have …

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