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Quick Start Guide For ChatterBot

The first thing you'll need to do to get started is install ChatterBot.

pip install chatterbot

See Installation for options for alternative installation methods.

Create a new chat bot

Note:If you are using Python 2.7, be sure that the unicode header is the first line of your Python file: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from chatterbot import ChatBot
chatbot = ChatBot("Ron Obvious")

Note:The only required parameter for the ChatBot is a name. This can be anything you want.

Training your ChatBot

After creating a new ChatterBot instance it is also possible to train the bot. Training is a good way to ensure that the bot starts off with knowledge about specific responses. The current training method takes a list of statements that represent a conversation. Additional notes on training can be found in the Training documentation.

Training is not required but it is recommended.

from chatterbot.trainers import ListTrainer

conversation = [
    "Hi there!",
    "How are you doing?",
    "I'm doing great.",
    "That is good to hear",
    "Thank you.",
    "You're welcome."


Get a response

response = chatbot.get_response("Good morning!")



Thank for this great work.

I found an error for this line : 


Sytem info:

Windows 10, Anaconda distribution fo Python

Chatterbot version: 1.0.5

Error Message:

[nltk_data]     C:\Users\justi\AppData\Roaming\nltk_data...
[nltk_data]   Package averaged_perceptron_tagger is already up-to-
[nltk_data]       date!
Traceback (most recent call last):

 File "C:\Users\justi\.spyder-py3\temp.py", line 23, in <module>

AttributeError: 'ChatBot' object has no attribute 'set_trainer'

I have trained my basic chatbot on the full english corpus. From my INFO log

My input statements are all confidently matched with similar text by processing_search, but in every case I get:-

No responses found. Generating alternate response list.

No known response to the input was found.

followed by obviously a  rubbish response.

Any idea why?