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HTML Tutorial(HTML5 Standard)

HTML is short for Hypertext Markup Language. it is a standard markup language for creating web pages.

HTML file is just a text file, so we can put some html elements into the text file to tell the browser how to display the contents (such as: how to show text, how to arrange the picture, how to display the picture, etc.)

By learning this HTML tutorial, you will have a very clear understanding of the basic syntax and simple usage of HTML.

HTML is easy to learn - You will enjoy it.

First HTML Example

In this tutorial, most chapters come with several examples, helping you to understand HTML usage more intuitively. And you can also edit the code in the editor to preview the effects of the page in real time.

Here's a very simple HTML example:

class Car {
    constructor(maker, price) {
        this.maker = maker;
        this.price = price;
    getInfo() {
        console.log(this.maker + " costs : " + this.price);
var car1 = new Car("BMW", 10);

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