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HTML Editors

Create and edit HTML documents is very simple, basically any one of the text editing software can be used to write HTML documents.

The most commonly used HTML editors are:

You can download the corresponding software from the above software's official website, according to the steps to install.

Next we will demonstrate how to use Notepad++ to create HTML files, the other two tools have similar steps.


Notepad++ is a text editor (License: GPL) under the Windows that supports multi-language programming (UTF8 technology).

Step 1: Create a new HTML file

After the Notepad++ installation is complete, select "File (F) -> New (N)", enter the following code in the new file:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
    <h1>Hello,My First Heading.</h1>

    <p>Hello,MyFirst Paragraph.</p>


Step 2: Save as HTML file

Then select "File (F) -> Save As (A)", the file name is index.html:


When you save the HTML file, you can use .htm or .html extension according to your coding habits.

Save this file in a memory-friendly folder, such as mywebsite.

Step 3: Run this HTML file in your web browser.

Start your browser and select the "Open File" command in the "File" menu, or double-click your HTML file directly in the folder.

The result is similar to the following:


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